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Oreoz, also known as Oreo Cookies or Oreos, is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% Indica and 30% Sativa) from 3rd Coast Genetics.

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Oreoz cannabis strain produces dense neon green, long, lumpy, and medium-sized buds. These have deep purple tints accentuated by vibrant amber pistils. The buds are covered by a layer of highly resinous and shining silvery trichomes, making the buds hard to break with bare hands when cured.

Oreoz can be cultivated outdoors or indoors and has a flowering period of 8-10 weeks or approximately 65 days. Outdoor growers can expect to harvest it in mid-October. But to get the best result, grow Oreoz in a warm and humid climate and take pruning seriously. If you take care of your plants well, expect 18 ounces per sq-meters indoors and over 2o ounces per plant outdoors.

Holding an opened jar of Oreoz feels like walking into a billowing Amsterdam coffee shop. It emits a complex, sweet, and stiff scent with notes of dark chocolate. Some users have also reported skunky and piney fragrances from this strain. Oreoz cannabis strain also has a complex flavor profile. You will enjoy its deep nutty taste with notes of chocolate and coffee.

Oreoz’s high hits fast and hard. It sets in as soon as you exhale the last puff, slamming you into your mind and body with effects that stay for many hours. It begins by giving you cerebral stimulation that uplifts and makes you happy and clears your mind. Oreoz later takes a toll on your body, making you relax with a case of munchies. The full-body effects of this strain make it ideal for treating many medical conditions.

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